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Nov 5, 2015 No Comments ›› River Park #356

message from the east
Welcome back to your Lodge, Brethren!

The summer has again flown by and we have another busy year ahead of us. We already have a list of degree work which will occupy us through the entire upcoming Masonic year, beginning with an Initiation at September’s regular meeting. Our emergent evening will be occupied with a General Purpose meeting which is hosted by our Senior Warden. Some topics of discussion will include our Lodge, Temple, finances, and looking forward into the future. It is a valuable opportunity to stay up-to-date with the working mechanics of the Lodge and Temple, as well as a forum for any and all questions to be answered.

The Annual Communication of Grand Lodge was held over the summer where our new Grand Lodge Officers were voted in by the Brethren of the Province of Ontario, and Toronto West District. Some of those elected include our new Grand Master: M.W.Bro. John Cameron Green; our new Deputy Grand Master: R.W.Bro. Paul Edward Todd; and a very familiar face to us at River Park Lodge, our new District Deputy Grand Master: R.W.Bro. Gabriele Spoletini. Please join me in congratulating all of them and wishing them a happy and successful stay in their chairs.

We are lucky to have an eager and committed group of Officers filling the chairs who constantly strive to refine their floor work, take on new challenges and look to provide you with a fulfilling experience at Lodge. I encourage everyone to come out and show support to your Lodge so we likewise have an opportunity to show our commitment to all of you! Come out and be mentors to our newer Brethren, who are the future of our Lodge! Share with them your insight into the craft, experiences and curiosities; it is invaluable to their continued success in Masonry and will encourage them to ask, share and show the same commitment down the road.

This year we are again blessed with Tony’s lovely wife, Sharon, providing us with an absolutely fantastic banquet service. This is a unique privilege that I have not seen enjoyed by any other Lodge I’ve had the opportunity to visit. I don’t hesitate for a minute to acknowledge that we are truly spoiled by her kindness, dedication and hard work. Please Brethren, come out to our banquet service at every opportunity possible; show Tony and Sharon how much their ongoing selfless commitment to our wellbeing means to us and help collectively show our support back to them.

Thank you all again for the trust and support you have placed in me by allowing me the privilege to rule your Lodge for the 2015-2016 year. I encourage everyone to reach out to me with your questions, comments and concerns. I will endeavour to do everything possible to continue the fantastic example laid before me by our Past Masters. I look forward to seeing you all again!

Yours Fraternally,
W.Bro. Jonah Ship