Officers & Committees 2015-2016

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Officers 2015-2016

Brethren, we are happy to present the officers and members of committees at River Park Lodge for the 2015 Masonic Year!

W.M. W. Bro. J. Ship

I.P.M. W. Bro. J. Kitchen

S.W Bro. A. Raymond

J. W. Bro. T.Bartolome

Treasurer Bro. J.Marin

Secretary W.Bro. Ron Murphy

Chaplain Bro. S.Aberle

Asst. Sec W.Bro G. Collins

S.D. Bro. N. Chagas

J.D. Bro. R. DaSilva

D. Of C. W. Bro. G. Lenathen

S.S. Bro. D. McKoy

J.S. Bro. O. Barazi

I.G. Bro. B. Turcotte

Tyler W.Bro. M. Duncan

Auditor W.Bro. A. Duerden & Bro. B. Harris

Committees 2015-2016

Please contact the Lodge Secretary for committee contact details!

Committee of General Purposes Bro. A. Raymond

Mentors Programme W. Bro. B. Hube

Education Bro. R. DaSilva

Brother to Brother Bro. N. Chagas

Sick and Visiting Bro. S. Aberle

Entertainment Bro. T. Bartolome

Blood Donors Bro. R. DaSilva

Finance Bro. J. Marin

Benevolence Bro. S.Aberle

Public Relations Bro. A.Raymond

Long Range Planning W.Bro. L. Cleland

Custodian of the Work W.Bro. A. Duerden

Rep to the Masonic Foundation W.Bro. R. Murphy

Web Master Bro. A. Raymond