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Nov 5, 2015 No Comments ›› River Park #356

Streetsville Masonic Temple

As another Masonic year draws to a close, please join with your brethren for the installation of our new worshipful master and his officers. We will open at 6:00 pm. And go to the third before tiling the lodge for our regular banquet prior to installation. I look forward to seeing everyone out to celebrate the new leadership.

Yours Fraternally,
W Bro James Kitchen

From the Incoming Master Elect

Thank you brethren for the support and confidence you have placed in my Officers and I by electing and endorsing us to lead River Park Lodge in our upcoming 2015/2016 Masonic year! The opportunity to assume the Chair of King Solomon is a great honour and privilege; I will do my best to continue our success by following in the footsteps of our outgoing Master who has been a fine example to emulate.

We definitely have a busy schedule ahead of us with much work to be done; I look forward to seeing you all again in September. Have a safe and happy summer full of family and friends!

Bro. Jonah Ship